My Introduction to Alkaline Antioxidant Water

7 years ago a Doctor friend of ours called and said he was getting some incredible results at his clinic and he wanted to send us some information. Since we are always interested in r-e-s-u-l-t-s we agreed. Then we asked what the information was about and he said water. At that point I lost all interest in the conversation and the info he would be sending.

My introduction to Water was by a Naturopathic Medical Doctor

That day 7 years ago was our introduction to a subject we had never quite investigated despite decades in the health industry. That subject was water. In this case it went a step further to a specific type of water, alkaline antioxidant water. 7 years ago I had never heard of it and neither had most of the people in the US health industry.

After intense investigation into the subject we found that this type of alkaline antioxidant water had been used in Japanese hospitals for over 50 years and that a huge percentage of Japanese households had what we learned is called a water ionizer in their kitchen. Aren’t the Japanese the healthiest race in the world? This got our interest and our adventure into the world of healthy water, alkaline antioxidant water had begun.

Something that pushed us to investigate and explore the subject was the fact that one of our family members was having serious health problems and we were looking for things in the natural health arena that were new and effective in developing better health. The introduction of alkaline water was definitely something new for us and the fact that our bodies are primarily water it made absolute sense to us that it could create some real change. We all know that different diets effect our health. Why wouldn’t a different water effect us in the same way?

Different Water, Different Effect!

After securing our first water ionizer we started drinking it, sharing it with our family members and sharing information in our community. We sat back and watched to see what people’s response would be. We watched what happened to people’s bodies when they started to consume the right amount of alkaline antioxidant water. People’s responses were 100% positive and their health started to change for the better.

We had found what we were looking for for over 30 years. Something simple that every person can do, drink water. Most people will never make drastic dietary changes, even though they should, even if their health warrants it.

Dietary change is hard for a lot of people.

Univ of Michigan Food Pyramid

Drinking Water is Easy!

But in 30 years talking about health I have never seen anyone allergic to water. Carrying a water bottle is easy. And if the water in that bottle is an alkaline antioxidant water you have a powerful tool that works for you 24/7 without even thinking about it.

it has been 7 years since that first introduction, in which we were so skeptical, and alkaline antioxidant water has made us change our entire strategy when it comes to developing better health. Instead of starting with diet changes we start with 2 simple steps. 1) Drink the right amount of alkaline antioxidant water every single day. 2) Stop drinking sodas! After those first 2 steps we ease into common sense diet, supplementation, cleansing and so forth. 

What we have found is that drinking the alkaline antioxidant water makes all of the other steps so much easier. Today our philosophy is The better quality of water you drink, the better quality of water in your body. The quality of your water in your body literally determines the quality of your health. Think about it.

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The balance of the site is made to present varying viewpoints on the topic as well as scientific research, information on machines and general information on the topic of water.

We hope that you enjoy our site and you find the information beneficial.

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